Waste not want not!

I recently attended an event at the University of Guelph Library that was promoting their expansive Canadian cookbook collection.  Thumbing through several of the 19th century journals on display I was quick to realize a theme that I couldn't recall in modern incarnations of cookbooks.  Waste, and how to limit it was  ever-present throughout the recipes and pages … Continue reading Waste not want not!

What you learn scraping plates

  As part of the University of Guelph sustainable restaurant project (UGSRP), we are looking at plate waste in restaurants.  We have just started and this is definitely going to be much more interesting than I expected.  We will be gathering data in PJ’s, our student learning restaurant, over the next two semesters. While reducing … Continue reading What you learn scraping plates

Bread: A business case for change in foodservice

This report takes an in depth look at bread service in restaurants and banquet facilities from both operator and consumer points of views. The paper hopes to highlight how operators in these facilities can become more environmentally responsible, with as emphasis on food waste management. Read more here: Bread Project