Pj’s achieves LEAF Certification!

Congratulations to Pj’s restaurant for recently achieving Level Two Certification from LEAF. (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice) http://leafme.ca/  LEAF is a non-profit third-party organization which offers certification for restaurants and food service facilities that meet and adhere to strict environmental criteria. LEAF helps restaurants reduce their environmental impact, and makes it easy for diners to identify green restaurants. LEAF provides a benchmark to measure the environmental sustainability of foodservice establishments in Canada.  When conducting an audit LEAF evaluates the foodservice establishment on the following 10 areas of adherence to sustainable practices:

1. Food purchasing and menu items.

2. Restaurant supplies.

3. Energy use and performance.

4. Water usage.

5. Building and location.

6. Furnishings and decorative items.

7. Chemicals use.

8. Waste and recycling.

9. Employee uniforms and training.

10. Policy, employee health and innovation.


Here  are some of the comments made in the LEAF report that was conducted on site back in October of 2012.

“Many schools, including Universities, are attempting to get students away from fast food with its typically high fat and high sugar content, and expose them to healthier meal choices. PJ’s is exemplary in this avenue, by teaching their students about local and nutritional food choices and preparation. This is evident on their daily menu as there are always ample healthy food choices, including a vegetarian and a vegan option.”

This is another strong performance area for PJs. A full 18 points was awarded for having implemented a system for both pre- and post- consumer composting. PJs has already undergone pre- and post- consumer waste audits, and seen a 10% improvement , allowing for another 9 points.”

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