The Great Reset- Robert Belcham finds opportunity within the industry’s most challenging year

“It’s actually pretty easy, it’s about money”, Robert Belcham explains when asked what some of the foodservice industry’s biggest issues are today. Robert goes on to discuss his perspective of the pay structure in the industry, illustrating a chain effect of how equal pay leads to better morale, better workplace culture, better employee retention, and ultimately a more successful business. I had the pleasure of discussing this and other common foodservice issues with restaurateur, entrepreneur, Chef, and community voice Robert Belcham. This is just a snapshot of some of the insight Robert communicates on The Mise en Place Podcast, an extension of the Chef’s Table Society.  

Restaurant Sustainability initiatives lose ground during COVID-19

Experts from Lang's School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management discuss how COVID-19 impacted the hospitality industry's sustainability initiatives. Across Canada, restaurant sustainability initiatives are taking one step forward and two steps back as full-service restaurants struggle to weather the most daunting winter season in recent memory.  Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in … Continue reading Restaurant Sustainability initiatives lose ground during COVID-19

A New Way to Talk About Food

Monica Gallant, one of our previous UGSRP blog contributors, has been working on a new project that we're excited to share here. Funded through the Arrell Food Institute and in collaboration with Rainbow Plate, they are developing an exciting Preschool Resource Toolkit to further food literacy in a novel way. Read below for more information! … Continue reading A New Way to Talk About Food

541 Eatery & Exchange

Welcome back to our second episode of the Food for Thought series. As promised, this week we will take a dive into what a local Hamilton leader is doing with a global perspective. Known and loved dearly by neighbouring citizens, this local leader is none other than the 541 Eatery and Exchange! 541 Eatery and … Continue reading 541 Eatery & Exchange

Feed It Forward

Welcome to our first episode of the series Food for Thought. My name is Michelina Martinez and I am a 5th year Hotel and Food Administration student. This semester, I had the great pleasure of working with Professor McAdams on an independent study to create a series of short documentaries. The three organizations I interviewed … Continue reading Feed It Forward

Kids and Food Literacy.

In my view food literacy is a key element of improved health outcomes, reduced waste, and a stronger connection to where food comes from and how it is produced. A deeper understanding of production, processing, the whole value chain, will also likely help foster the conversation on production technologies that is so absent from the … Continue reading Kids and Food Literacy.

Waste not want not!

I recently attended an event at the University of Guelph Library that was promoting their expansive Canadian cookbook collection.  Thumbing through several of the 19th century journals on display I was quick to realize a theme that I couldn't recall in modern incarnations of cookbooks.  Waste, and how to limit it was  ever-present throughout the recipes and pages … Continue reading Waste not want not!

What you learn scraping plates

  As part of the University of Guelph sustainable restaurant project (UGSRP), we are looking at plate waste in restaurants.  We have just started and this is definitely going to be much more interesting than I expected.  We will be gathering data in PJ’s, our student learning restaurant, over the next two semesters. While reducing … Continue reading What you learn scraping plates