A New View on Restaurant Waste


Growing concerns about climate change mean consumers are increasingly interested in pro-environmental, sustainable alternatives to the status quo. There has recently been a movement towards reducing and eliminating one-use items, a shift that has been overwhelmingly consumer-driven. This, alongside trends towards take-out and delivery of food have resulted in a paradoxical demand for both reduced waste and packaging as well as increased takeout and delivery options – two priorities that don’t normally go hand in hand. Although some companies have been quick to respond, there remains significant opportunity for improvements in the food-service industry.

As the Ontario government and many other jurisdictions consider the banning of plastic one-use items, we’ve produced a discussion paper to provide more insight into this topic.

By highlighting business opportunities throughout, this paper seeks to motivate the reduction of one-use items in food service operations. Increasing awareness about the issue and educating on alternatives are paramount to fostering change and encouraging sustainable development.

Click below to upload our discussion paper on one-use items in food-service.

Singled- Out_ FoodServiceWaste_Final









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