Discussions around Restaurant Sustainability

One of the early things we are learning in the project is the incredible number of topics and issues that can be considered relevant to restaurants in their goal to become more sustainable.  As dynamic an industry  the restaurant business is, it is probably even more so when looking through the lens of sustainability.

You first must consider the physical environment that is a restaurant.  You have large spaces that are generally artificially heated and cooled.  You have a relatively high level of energy usage with all the lighting and cooking equipment, not to mention the immense use of water.  Of course we also deal in food which has an incredibly complex and energy driven supply chain.  From farm to fork the imprint we leave behind is one that continues to amaze me the more I learn about it.  To go along with the physicality of the business and the supply chain we also have a highly intricate and labour intense production process that goes on inside the restaurant.  With all these areas to consider our project should be around for a long time!!

In regards to the breadth and depth of topics that involve sustainable restaurants we thought it may be fun to ask our followers to take the time out to answer a very small and informal poll.  We’d just  like to get an idea of what you think is the key issue that restaurants need to be focusing on to become more environmentally responsible.

Look forward to Lauren sharing with you some of the ‘phantom load’ reads she has been taking of our idle kitchen equipment, that and an update on our Natural Step workshop…all in our next posting!!

Until then,


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