Episode 6 – Jocelyn Maurice

For our sixth episode of OneHouse, we were delighted to have the opportunity to sit down with Jocelyn Maurice – Chief Operating Officer at Pearl Hospitality. And had the pleasure of producing this episode from the beautifully restored Cambridge mill, one of the many remarkable properties operated by Pearl Hospitality.


We went to the Cambridge Mill before it opened, and got a glimpse of dining room prior to the typical lunch crowd arrival. This historic landmark, located on the Grand River was calm and serene; you could see the mist coming off the river through the giant dining room windows. It is certainly a view that you will never get tired of.


After settling in Jocelyn took us through the rich and vibrant history of Pearl Hospitality and caught us up to where the company is now and where they are heading. We were sure to touch on the new concepts that are opening especially the exciting development of the Elora Mill. In this podcast we also brought up what it is like to work for Pearl Hospitality, and the potential for a dynamic, rewarding and lengthily career with the company.


Jocelyn’s extensive and versatile industry experience provided new insights, valuable advice, and extraordinary depth to our OneHouse podcast.


As I was producing this podcast, I couldn’t help but hang on to every fascinating word and I think you’ll feel the same. If we’ve sparked you’re interest, have a listen to the audio clip below!

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