Julie Moroz

Hello everyone!

My name is Julie Moroz and I am a 4th year student at the University of Guelph, majoring in Human Resources Management. I am the newest addition to the UGSRP team for Summer 2013. I will be working alongside Professor Bruce McAdams as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. Although majoring in HRM, I have strong work experience in the hospitality and food industry. I have had the opportunity to work in many restaurant settings ranging from banquet halls to family oriented restaurants, and can understand the many issues our industry faces. I possess a strong passion for the environment as well as a keen interest in the hospitality and food industry. I enjoy staying up to date on current industry issues and trends. Over the course of the summer you will see me posting actively on the UGSRP blog, as well as on Twitter (@SustainableRest).

The projects that the UGSRP team and myself will be completing over the course of the next few months will have a large focus of research regarding take-out packaging in restaurants. Our goal is to study the current implications to the environment, and moving forwards what can be done to allow this sector of the restaurant industry to support environmentally sustainable services. Additionally, other projects this summer will focus on wine education and purchasing decisions. Stay tuned for other research work we will be completing this summer.

Feel free to contact me at jmoroz@uoguelph.ca for any questions or other information. For daily updates and current industry news, follow us on Twitter @SustainableRest.

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