More good news than usual….2015 off to a ‘sustainable’ start!

2015 first quarter financial results may not be in for most hospitality companies but we at UGSRP feel  there are  many industry leaders deserving a grade of A+ for their ‘sustainability’ efforts to start the year.  Here are a few of the encouraging signs that we’ve noticed in the first few months of 2015.

Canadian burger giant A&W announced they will begin to carry fair trade coffee this year. Already a leader in sustainability with their hormone and steroid free beef program and for their industry leading take-out packaging this seems like one of the last pieces in the puzzle for this QSR leader.  Another company that continues to show leadership is Starbucks. The Seattle based coffee giant recently announced a ‘animal welfare’ program of their own in which the focus will be on ensuring all of their dairy, meat and egg products come from ‘ethically’ treated animals.  Last week Hilton international announced a similar commitment to animal welfare as it seems like the larger hotel companies are joining the QSR sector in leading change in this regard. Sticking with the hotel sector, Marriott International recently announced they will further their commitment to water reduction in 2015. Results in 2014 showed a decrease in water usage of over 5% in their properties worldwide.

Not only are many companies starting to create change in the industry but so are some forward-thinking governments…..yes we just used ‘forward-thinking’  and government in the same sentence!  On July 1 Vancouver will become the first municipality in Canada to legislate that restaurants manage their food waste more effectively no longer allowing any to reach landfill sites.

With all this great news happening we feel like we should celebrate somehow….and how will we do this?  We will be attending Foodservice and Hospitality Magazines “Icons and Innovators Series” with guest Zita Cobb, the brains behind the very sustainable and inspirational Fogo Island Inn.  For more info about this presentation and a look at this incredible place check out the following links:

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