Episode 5 – Mark Hladik

Our fifth episode of the OneHouse podcast features none other than Vice President of Operations at Earls kitchen + bar, Mark Hladik.
We headed to the Earls king street location to record this episode and of course indulge in some delicious food and wine. An energetic buzz floated down king street as we approached the restaurant. It was an instant mood changer. The unusually warm October weather allowed us to dine on their exquisite downtown patio. The flawless playlist, energetic staff and delighted guests would have drawn us to Earls even if we didn’t have plans. The longer we stayed; we realized that after work on a Thursday (and every other night for the matter) Earls is the place to be. 
After spending several years opening Earls locations all over the U.S, Marks’ recent return to Canada made him the perfect candidate to feature on the podcast.  When long time friends Bruce and Mark reunited a fascinating industry conversation was bound to ensue. All kinds of topics were covered including how Earls has been so successful penetrating the U.S Market, the transition to plant based menus, culture at Earls and of course the One House concept.

Mark has been part of the Earls team for over 23 years; you might say he eats, sleeps and breaths Earls. And honestly, we get it. The food, service and energy were all spot on. We can’t wait to go back.


To hear it here first, listen to the audio clip below!


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