Setting the bar high, ‘extremely high’ in this case!


For many years the CN Tower was famous for being the tallest building in the world.  A Toronto landmark, the tower is no longer the tallest building in the world but is still one of the nations busiest tourist attractions.  In its earliest existence, one of its most famous features was its’ revolving restaurant called 360.  The restaurant located above the observation deck provided people with the opportunity to enjoy a ‘fine dining’ meal while taking in a view of the city as the restaurant slowly revolved around the tower.

While the restaurant was popular with tourists and locals trying to impress, the restaurant never become known for anything beyond its great view.  Well times have changed, and there is reason for the 360 restaurant to stand a top the tower and yell across the country so all can hear what a truly incredible job they are doing in a very important area.  I will present to you in this posting that 360 has become one of Canada’s most sustainably focused restaurants.

Owned by the Canada Lands Company (Federal Government), the entire CN Tower facility has worked diligently during the last 12 years to lower its carbon footprint.  In accordance with the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy the property has reduced its electricity consumption by 28.4% and water consumption by 30.4% during this period.  Part of this savings was because of actions taken at 360 including converting all incandescent lighting to LED lighting, the installation of low flow flushometers in washrooms, and converting half of their water-cooled refrigerators to air-cooled.  These projects coupled with other tower actions have helped reduce the properties green house gas emissions by 51.2%.

Led by the vision of Executive Chef John Morris and General Manager Cameron Dryburgh their team is challenging many of the notions that restaurants can’t become more sustainably conscious.  In particular, they have debunked the idea that ‘high volume restaurants can’t do local food.’ As a member of Feast On the restaurant has committed to purchasing a minimum of 25% of its food and beverages from local suppliers.  The property is also Ocean Wise recommended meaning all of the seafood that they use is from sustainable sources.

Here is a list of recent activities and accomplishments by the 360 team:

-Member of Feast On   Feast On website

-Ocean Wise Recommended  Ocean Wise Website

-Employ an ORCA food waste digestion system  Info on ORCA

-Built a small herb and vegetable garden at the base of the tower

-Participant in Food Day Canada   More info on Food Day Canada

-Have a 100% Canadian beer list

-70% of wine sales are local

-A strong local Spirits program

-Switched to paper straws

-Currently working on LEAF Certification    LEAF Website and list of certified restaurants in Canada

-Partnering with local hospitality schools to increase ‘Sustainability Awareness’ in food-service

One of our goals at UGSRP is to help showcase restaurants and other foodservice organizations that are committed to sustainable practices.  We can’t think of a restaurant that is more deserving of this acknowledgement than 360.  If you haven’t been in a while it’s worth a visit.  The food and service are of the highest quality and you can’t help but feel good about yourself supporting such a forward-thinking restaurant. Congratulations and thank you to John, Cameron and the entire 360 team for demonstrating such leadership in our industry.  Keep doing what you are doing…the world is watching!








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