9th Annual Symposium Recap

With over 100 attendees comprised of students, researchers and industry professionals, UGSRP’s 9th annual symposium was an inspiring evening filled with individuals passionate about sustainability.

From Program Assistant Erika Bollinger at Oceanwise we heard about unexpected and innovative solutions to better our seafood industry, when there’s a will there’s a way; zero carbon operations are possible! Chief Operating Officer Ian Vickers from Diversity Foods enlightened us on their multi bottom approach that is single-use plastic free, LEAF Certified, supporting employees and hiring from marginalized groups and operating with more than just profit in mind. We heard an inspiring story from Chief Development Officer Grant Sparling at Cowbell Brewing Co. that is a leader in the beer industry being the first closed looped brewery and carbon neutral brewery in North America. Finally from Executive Chief John Morris and General Manager Cameron Dryburgh at CN Tower 360 The Restaurant were reminded that there’s always more to be done in terms of Sustainability when it comes to local sourcing and reducing waste but we have to take that first step.

Thank you to our sponsor Profile Hospitality Group for helping us celebrate these success stories in sustainability that are changing the foodservice landscape in Canada for the better.

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