We’re back! Join us October 3rd for our 10th annual UGSRP Symposium

The University of Guelph Sustainable Restaurant Project is holding its 10th annual symposium on Monday October 3. This year’s theme is confronting foodservice industry challenges through research and advocacy

Virtual registration here: https://UGSRP.eventbrite.ca

The symposium will feature presentations by Emily Robinson and Rebecca Gordon of the University of Guelph and Kyla Tuori, the Corporate Chef of Unilever Food Solutions and the Fair Kitchens Ambassador. Emily Robinson and Rebecca Gordon have spent the last 2 years conducting groundbreaking research on restaurant sustainability issues while completing their MSc. degrees and they look forward to sharing their findings with you. Emily Robinson will be speaking about how to overcome barriers to implement environmental sustainability initiatives and Rebecca Gordon will give a presentation on how the foodservice industry can eliminate extreme work conditions to retain restaurant workers. We are also excited to have Kyla Tuori joining us who will be sharing how Fair Kitchens is creating change in the industry through advocacy and education of fair employment practices. Fair Kitchens provides free tools, support and training for foodservice and hospitality professionals to help build positive working environments.  

This event is open to anyone who has an interest in making the foodservice industry more sustainable. It is guaranteed that those who attend will gain a better understanding of the challenges the foodservice industry faces, and they will walk away with some practical tips to help propel the foodservice industry forward.  

This is a free, virtual live event taking place from 3-4:30pm ET on October 3, 2022. To receive the viewing link, please register. https://UGSRP.eventbrite.ca  

For more information, please contact anita.foodlab@uoguelph.ca 

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