I went shopping at quite the large and popular grocery chain and saw these lovely tomatoes with TONS of packaging. If you can’t see clearly there are 2 tomatoes in a cardboard box entirely wrapped in plastic. They are from Ontario which threw me for a loop even more as to why they would need all this. This could not be a more perfect image for an article I just read that came to my attention by Mike Von Massow about one day being able to eat our food packaging. In this case it is much-needed, read the article to learn more…I wish this was true in this case, so much to landfill for some Ontario tomatoes…

One thought on “Packaging…Tomatoes?

  1. I remember when I saw this sort of thing for the first time when I was living in Europe. Groups of four different types of apples were packaged together in individual wraps, and then again in an overall plastic covering. I thought it was completely unnecessary and wondered why these companies did this? I originally thought it was something strange Europeans did, to find later that grocery stores in Ontario were doing the same thing! Are producers afraid of damage and bruising during transportation? You would think that with the “new and improved, genetically modified thick skins” that so many types of tomatoes have now, they would be able to overcome this issue without the excess plastic!

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