LEAF releases list of “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants”

The following is a press release from LEAF recognizing Canada’s 24 Greenest Restaurants. UGSRP would like to congratulate the team and students of PJ’s Restaurant at the School of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Guelph for making such an impressive list!
(June 4, 2012) Calgary, AB – Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF), a third-party certification program for restaurants that meet and adhere to strict environmental criteria, today re-released its list of “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants” in recognition of Environment Week, an annual week dedicated to globally celebrating Earth’s natural environment.
“LEAF is celebrating Environment Week by shining a light on Canadian restaurants that have made a commitment to be as environmentally responsible as possible” said Janine Windsor, President, LEAF. “LEAF members are truly pioneers in the foodservice industry and I’m proud to recognize them with our “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants” list. It’s great to see so many types of foodservice facilities – from large post-secondary institutions to food trucks – that want to reduce their environmental “fork print,” as we call it.”
LEAF is pleased to recognize the following 24 locations that have joined the LEAF program to work to achieve a high standard in LEAF’s 10 key areas of sustainability:
Locals | Courtenay
Celadon Whistler | Whistler
River Cafe | Calgary
Boxwood | Calgary
Caffe Beano | Calgary
The Naaco Truck | Calgary
Cheezy Bizness | Calgary
Q Haute Cuisine | Calgary
The Main Dish | Calgary
The Coup | Calgary 
Cowbell | Toronto
Balzac Cafes | Toronto, Stratford, Niagara on the Lake, Kitchener
Cafe Belong | Toronto
PJ’s Restaurant in the Atrium – University of Guelph | Guelph
Brasserie | Ottawa
Bacalao | St. John’s 

As the only nationwide environmental and sustainable certification program for the Canadian Foodservice Industry, LEAF has been cultivating this list of “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants” for two years with industry affiliates across the country.

All of these restaurants work closely with LEAF Accredited Consultants to undergo an environmental audit, and make a commitment to become the most environmentally responsible as possible.
With increasing pressure by the public for companies to adopt environmental and sustainable programs, restauranteurs are quickly recognizing the value in LEAF certification. There are tremendous environmental and financial benefits to restauranteurs who implementLEAF programs, and many see a noticeable reduction in their energy, water and waste costs.
Windsor says LEAF has already added more companies to the list since the original release in April, and she’s looking forward to adding many more restaurants and organizations across Canada to the list in 2012. As more restaurants make the list, the greater positive impact the industry has on the environment.
LEAF is also contributing to environmental efforts by providing a complimentary copy of SAVING GREEN: A Restauranteurs Guide to Saving Money and the Environment for those who sign up for their e-newsletter via http://www.leafme.ca.
SAVING GREEN is a best-practices handbook for restaurant owners that provide tips for thousands of dollars in potential energy savings to help them get started on their green journey. 
How you can help the foodservice industry be more environmentally sustainable:
LEAF will be offering environmental seminars to chefs, restauranteurs and foodservice professionals in cities across Canada in the coming months to help educate them on how to reduce their environmental impact.
Sign up today at http://www.leafme.ca
Anyone can help by visiting a LEAF certified restaurant in your area, or by asking your favourite restaurant to be greener by becoming LEAF certified. LEAF certification makes it easy for the public to identify certified green restaurants in Canada.
Learn more through http://www.leafme.ca

2 thoughts on “LEAF releases list of “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants”

  1. Although the UGSRP is a good platform to promote the LEAF initiative, for clarity…LEAF is not the only nationwide environmental and sustainable certification program for the Canadian Foodservice Industry. The Green Table Network (GTN) is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit initiative under the auspices of the Globe Foundation; established in 2007 and currently has more than 100 foodservice operators in its membership. Earlier in 2012 GTN launched GTN 2.0 an innivation online Guidebook and Toolkit; a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to sustainability. As in the past GTN continues to offer hands-on support through innovation solutions, conscious choices and measurable results. Please visit http://www.greentable.net for added insights.

    1. Thank you Steve for clarifying this. We in the “East” should take note that all the progressive change is happening out west! Those of us in the ‘East” should take time to reflect on this!

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