Save the Date! 2017 UGSRP Symposium

On Tuesday February 7th UGSRP will be hosting its 6th annual Symposium on Restaurant Sustainability.  This year the theme for the event is “Responsible Seafood, a Restaurant Perspective.”

We will be holding a presentation followed by a panel discussion at the Ontario Veterinary College Lifetime Living Centre (Room 1714) from 4:30-6:30 pm.

This is a free event. To attend please RSVP to Lisa Fodor at

Confirmed speakers include:

Executive Chef Ned Bell, OceanWise/Vancouver Aquarium
screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-49-04-pmOceanwise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that aims to address and tackle the issues surrounding overfishing. Its symbol signals that whichever product you’ve chosen is the best choice for the health of our oceans. Oceanwise helps businesses and consumers  make sustainable seafood purchasing decisions. Ned Bell himself launched Chefs for Oceans aiming to raise awareness about sustainable seafood and overfishing. Click here for more information: Executive Chef Ned Bell

Mike Nagy
, Eastern Canada Representative, Organic Ocean

mike-nagyOrganic Ocean is made up of independent West Coast fishermen who believe a balance must be maintained between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. By adopting ocean-friendly, sustainable and responsible harvesting practices, they are providing the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and who want to ensure the long term health of the resource for the benefit of future generations. More information can be found here: Organic Ocean
Executive Chef Shea Robinson, Neighbourhood Group

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-54-47-pmThe Neighbourhood Group aims to become the national leader in the restaurant industry in the promotion of local natural foods and beverages, sustainable practices, and financial growth. The company encompasses 3 restaurants in the Guelph area including The Woolwich Arrow Pub, Borealis Grille & Bar (2 locations) and Miijdaa Cafe + Bistro. The NGC is now the largest restaurant group in the world to have achieved B Corp certification. Shea is the managing partner and chef at Miijidaa, who has formerly worked at Wildcraft and Oliver and Bonacini. More information on the NGC can be found here:  The Neighbourhood Group of Companies

Representative of Planet Shrimp
, locally raised shrimp

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-43-36-pmPlanet Shrimp is a company that differentiates itself has having no antibiotics, no pesticides, and no hormones in their shrimp. Initially supported by the Local Food Fund from the Government of Ontario, Planet Shrimp is home to an indoor, saltwater shrimp farm in Aylmer, Ontario. More information can be found here:  Planet Shrimp

Sean Brady, Kolapore Springs


Sean Brady is the co-owner of Kolapore Springs, a sustainable, all-natural fish hatchery located near Collingwood, Ontario. The company produces trout that is raised in a natural water source that is supplemented by shrimp, minnows, and mosquitos that live in the ecosystem. Kolapore supplies trout to some of the best fishmongers, the finest restaurants and has also been featured at the David Suzuki Foundation gala. It is an Oceanwise certified product. For more information about Kolapore Springs: Kolapore Springs

Jason Bangerter, Executive Chef, Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa


Jason Bangerter is the Executive Chef at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario. His past experience has brought him to work in restaurants around the world including: Paris, Toronto, Berlin and London. He is the talent behind the award winning dining room at Langdon Hall, where the freshest ingredients from the chef’s kitchen garden, local honey, and wild edibles are served to guests. Click here for more information about Langdon Hall: Langdon Hall


For more information please contact Bruce McAdams at

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