6th Annual UGSRP Symposium Recap

On February 7th, the University of Guelph’s Sustainable Restaurant Project welcomed the community to our annual symposium. This year’s theme was Responsible Seafood in Restaurants and reflected on how consumer choices are affecting our oceans. We welcomed industry professionals who have been working towards a common goal of providing consumers with the choice of responsible seafood and encouraging restaurant diners to be more aware of their menu choices.

Guest speakers included Marvyn Budd, President of Planet Shrimp; Mike Nagy, representative of Organic Ocean, and Ned Bell, Executive Chef at Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise. Each speaker provided insight into their respective roles in the industry and how, as consumers, our choices can shape the future of responsible seafood.

Following the speakers, a panel facilitated by Professor Michael von Massow was held. Panel speakers included Ned Bell; Mike Nagy; Sean Brady, owner of Kolapore Springs; Jason Bangerter, Executive Chef at Langdon Hall; and Shea Robinson, Executive Chef at Miijidaa Café and Bistro. Each panel member was asked a series of questions in which their insight provided audience members with different perspectives from the industry. It was evident that their passions have contributed to their careers and the choices that they have made to help increase awareness of responsible seafood in the restaurant industry.

Following the symposium, a dinner was held at PJ’s Restaurant. Special guests and faculty members were invited to enjoy meals prepared by Simon Day & Brett Martin, Ned Bell, and Shea Robinson, in addition to engaging in a presentation by University of Guelph Professor Rich Moccia. Professor Moccia discussed current issues in the fishing industry and its impact on the environment. His passion and knowledge resonated with our guests and provided everyone with a better understanding of his field of study.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our special guests for their time and contributions to this year’s symposium and dinner. We would also like to thank the Chefs and student volunteers who prepared wonderful meals for our guests. And lastly, we’d like to thank all the attendees, volunteers, and community members for continuing to learn about sustainability in the restaurant industry and how we can all work together to works towards a sustainable future.

16667502_10155063057895229_304243266_o     (Photo from left to right: Dr. Mike von Massow; Chef Ned Bell; Chef Jason Bangerter)

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