World Famous Relae

We at UGSRP are excited to be travelling to Copenhagen later this year to present some of our research at the International Conference on Culinary Arts and Science.  While in the country that is known for its commitment to fighting food waste we plan on visiting the worlds first ‘surplus supermarket.’  While we are excited to check out Wefood we are equally excited to enjoy a meal at the world-famous Relae restaurant. Relae is not only famous for its cuisine but for also being recognized as one of the worlds most sustainable restaurants.

Relae and its sister restaurant Manfred work diligently on reducing the environmental footprint in everything they do.  Here is their sustainability goal:

“As two restaurants that employ over 50 staff and collectively serve approximately 77,000 guests per year, we can’t deny that we have an environmental impact. We constantly question our practices in all areas, from the food and drinks we serve, to the resources we use and actions we employ. We aim to be able to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment, while still providing a high quality end product and service to our guests.”

What is most impressive to us about Relae is the “Sustainability Report’ they produce each year.  It is extremely rare for a small restaurant company employing 50 people to take such time in producing a document that tells such a great story.  Within in the pages of their report you will find out the incredible things they are doing and many will be new to you. For us, having a timer on the hand sink was a first!  We can’t speak to recommending you visit the restaurant yet (we’ll let you know in July) but we can feel sure in saying you have to check out their amazing 2016 sustainability report.

Clink on this link for Relae 2016 Sustainability Report:

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