Episode 1: Donna Dooher

Hello and welcome to this summer’s brand-new podcast series. My name is Molly Gallant and I am the summer UGSRP intern and production assistant.  Finishing up my MSc in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences but with a passion for food and all it encompasses, I am thrilled to be working with Bruce McAdams on this year’s podcast series.

What is “One House”?

For anyone who is familiar with the restaurant industry, you may have noticed a divide that occurs between what we refer to as back and front of house.  Although one cannot function without the other, this divide is common and differences in demographics, compensation structures and cultures is considered normal.  However, simply because this is the norm, does not make it the most effective way to run a united and engaged workplace.

In order to better understand this context and begin to work towards a better, more unified workplace by creating “one house”, we are on a mission to seek out the groundbreaking, innovative leaders of today in this industry.  Please join us as we learn, grow and eat together!

Donna Dooher

First up, we have the infamous and always lovely Donna Dooher, owner and founder of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Toronto, ON.  With 30 years of experience as an accomplished chef, cookbook author and advocate, Donna has established herself as a prominent figure in the hospitality community. To check out her bio and to learn more about her restaurant, please follow this link: http://www.templekitchen.com/our-story/

We approached Donna’s iconic restaurant on an overcast Toronto morning, looking forward to an interesting conversation, and inevitably, a delicious lunch.  The rain outside was quickly forgotten as soon as we stepped into Donna’s warm and inviting restaurant.  As we sat down by the window on some cozy chairs and began the morning with coffees and the most delicious pecan squares ever, (because 10am isn’t too early for dessert, right?) we dove right into discussion.  Please join us by clicking on the recording below as we discuss what’s new with Donna, the future of the industry, hiring practices and more.


3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Donna Dooher

  1. Great Podcast!
    Bruce and Donna are inspiring.
    Thank you for continuing to lead conversations that will make our industry better.
    Big FAN!

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