Episode 7 – The President’s Club

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with talent management gurus Scott Bellhouse of Profile Hospitality http://profilehospitalitygroup.com/ and Jan van der Hoop of Fit First Technologies http://fitfirsttech.com. Both men have extensive experience in hospitality operations and now own their own businesses that help operators attract and retain top talent.  We started the day getting … Continue reading Episode 7 – The President’s Club

Episode 4: Mike’s World – Creating Value

Inevitably, the recording of this podcast was preceded by lunch, as most good ideas from Bruce and Mike are discussed over a meal. But don’t worry, any concern that conversation topics would have been used up prior to the podcast interview quickly evaporated as we settled into our “recording studio” and turned on the mic. … Continue reading Episode 4: Mike’s World – Creating Value

Episode 3: The Young Guns

To record this episode, we gathered in a classroom on campus that was all too familiar to our interviewees.  Having both graduated from the University of Guelph’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program, we had Kyle Forth and Ben Froggett revisit their old stomping grounds. Before recording, we began with catch-ups, congratulations and of course, coffee. … Continue reading Episode 3: The Young Guns

Episode 2: Court Desautels

The Main Course: Court Desautels Impressive is a word that could be used to describe both Court himself, and many of the main course dishes offered at his restaurants.  We would argue that he deserves even higher praise than the popular “Venison and Nettle Gouda Burger” found at Miijidaa Café and Bistro, one of four … Continue reading Episode 2: Court Desautels