Episode 7 – The President’s Club

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with talent management gurus Scott Bellhouse of Profile Hospitality http://profilehospitalitygroup.com/ and Jan van der Hoop of Fit First Technologies http://fitfirsttech.com.

Both men have extensive experience in hospitality operations and now own their own businesses that help operators attract and retain top talent.  We started the day getting a tour from our old friend Dave Barton at the soon to open Craft Beer Market Toronto http://craftbeermarket.ca/toronto (Place looks amazing Dave!).  We then lunched at the Cactus Club’s new concept King Taps https://kingtaps.com/ enjoying some great pizza and craft beer.  Finally, it was off to Scott’s Toronto office where we recorded episode number 7 of One House.

We hope you enjoy listening to Bruce speak with these two great gents on their perspectives on some of our industry’s talent management issues.


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