Episode 3: The Young Guns

To record this episode, we gathered in a classroom on campus that was all too familiar to our interviewees.  Having both graduated from the University of Guelph’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program, we had Kyle Forth and Ben Froggett revisit their old stomping grounds. Before recording, we began with catch-ups, congratulations and of course, coffee.

Kyle Forth graduated in 2010 and is now working as Chef de Cuisine at Brux House, a restaurant located in Hamilton, ON. Recently featured by En Route magazine as one of the top 30 new restaurants in Canada, Brux House has quickly become a local favourite.  Drawing its inspiration from the European beer belt, Brux House pairs delicious food with the best of craft beers, wines and spirts. Having worked in kitchens throughout his time at school and for most of his career, Kyle weighs in on issues he regularly faces in the industry. Please visit the following link for information on Brux House:


Benn Froggett graduated in 2013 and is now General Manager or, Host as he is more commonly referred to as, at The Glen Tavern. This beautiful restaurant located just outside of Georgetown is affiliated with the infamous Scaramouche restaurant found in Toronto. After recently opening in 2015, they have become another local favourite serving seasonal, contemporary food that can be enjoyed in a lively setting. With years of experience managing front of house teams and working all roles in the restaurant, Benn voices his opinions on the future of the industry. For more information on The Glen Tavern please visit the following website:


Both Kyle and Benn have been recognized by the Ontario Hostelry Institute as Top 30 under 30 proving their talent and wealth of experience. In this episode, we discuss the problems each perceive in the industry and how they can be overcome, the fairness of unpaid stages and thoughts on the minimum wage increase. Tune in to find out more!


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