Ocean Wise

UGSRP is very pleased to host FISHSTOCK at PJ’s restaurant on Monday, May 14th.  FISHSTOCK is a unique, one day workshop for members of the food-service industry who want to learn how to successfully incorporate Ontario lake fish onto their menus.  A collaborative effort between the Culinary Tourism Alliance, Ocean Wise and the University of Guelph Sustainable Restaurant Project, the event combines presentations, a hands-on workshop, and a field-trip to the University of Guelph’s Alma Aquaculture Research Station.

We’ll start the morning off with presentations from Dr. Kevin Reid from the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association (OCFA) and Chef Ned Bell of Ocean Wise.  Both gentlemen will discuss the Great Lakes fishing industry, local fish species, seasonality, sustainability and flavor profiles.  The presentations will be followed by a hands-on fish butchery workshop led by Ned Bell and Chef Shaun Edmonstone of Bruce Wine Bar.  After lunch, our own Professor Bruce McAdams will moderate a panel discussion with Ned Bell, Deidre Finn of Ocean Wise, Marvyn Budd of Planet Shrimp, Denise Purvis, Purvis Fisheries, and Ron Caudle of Caudle’s Catch Seafood.  The event will wrap up with a visit to the University of Guelph’s Alma Aquaculture Station to learn about the latest aquaculture research that is taking place.  The cost to participate in FISHSTOCK is $70 with the option of attending a post event dinner at the world famous Wooly Pub ($60).

To register go to the  FISHSTOCK INFO


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