Planet Bean: Leading the way in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Here I am with my mid morning Planet Bean coffee!

Last year our intern Elaine Li wrote a great case study about an incredible Guelph company. Since  1997,  Planet  Bean  has  set  out  to  be Guelph’s coffee company focusing on fresh roasted  coffee.  Not  only  does  their  coffee differentiate themselves from competitors, their operations are grounded in sustainability. With two locations in Guelph and a retail business selling  wholesale coffee, they believe that ecological sustainability is not only understanding that the earth resources are finite and must be protected but that their business should be restorative – not just having a low impact but a positive impact. Through their Vision and Company Value’s it is clear that sustainability is at the very core of Planet Bean.

While spending the semester researching Planet Bean Elaine quickly figured out how committed the business was to meeting as many of the 17 United Nations SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) We’re posting Elaine’s case study so you can read about how Planet Bean is taking 14 of the SDG’s into consideration in their daily operations, an incredible commitment to our community, and our planet.

Here is a link to the case study on Planet Bean.

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