Reducing the Grind and Improving Life! A Regenerative Approach to Employment for the Canadian Restaurant Industry

I thought I’d share a document I’ve written for the leadership course I teach to senior hospitality students. I use it to help create discussion around how to manage the labour challenges we are facing in the Canadian hospitality industry. It’s meant to act as a bit of a guide, or road map to improve what we refer to as ‘internal service quality’, or the employee experience. It’s all about leadership and taking responsibility for the well-being of employees, helping them and our restaurants flourish.

This ‘regenerative approach’ suggests unit leaders use a two-factor method to manage the front-line employee experience. Leaders are to ‘reduce the grind’ employees face while also attempting to ‘improve their life.’ Sounds daunting, but if you read it you’ll see it’s fairly straightforward and rooted in common sense. It’s my attempt to provide tangible and actionable direction for leaders working the front-line.

If you have a read, I’d appreciate you take the time to leave a comment. This document doesn’t have all the answers, but if nothing else it provides a starting point for discussion and that is what I’m hoping to achieve.

Bruce McAdams

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