A “throw away culture” in long-term care food-service.

  I spent a good part of my summer researching food waste at several long-term care facilities.  While the operations I visited provide exceptional care for their residents, they do produce a significant amount of food waste.  It was relatively easy to identify how food waste was generated, a little harder to determine if that … Continue reading A “throw away culture” in long-term care food-service.

Move over Chop suey and make way for the ‘Impossible Burger’

There is a history of restaurant menu items changing the way North Americans view and consume food.  Take Chop suey for instance.  Though not as popular today, Chop suey was a game-changer when it was introduced in the early 20th century via the North American Chinese restaurant.  This dish that was comprised of egg, stir-fried meat, … Continue reading Move over Chop suey and make way for the ‘Impossible Burger’

Sustainable Restaurant Spotlight: Hopscotch

On March 6th, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Sider, Vice President of Franchise Development for hopscotch restaurants. If you haven’t visited one of Hopscotch’s bright and beautiful locations in downtown Toronto or London, and are looking for a fast, and entirely guilt free lunch Hopscotch is the place to go. Their … Continue reading Sustainable Restaurant Spotlight: Hopscotch

Straws aren’t the only things that suck!

Yesterday Starbucks announced they will be testing alternatives to plastic drinking straws at 54 of their locations in Britain.  This is the latest response from food-service operations to increased social media and media attention on the negative effect plastic items like straws and grocery bags have on our environment.  UGSRP has been a strong proponent … Continue reading Straws aren’t the only things that suck!

541 Eatery & Exchange

Welcome back to our second episode of the Food for Thought series. As promised, this week we will take a dive into what a local Hamilton leader is doing with a global perspective. Known and loved dearly by neighbouring citizens, this local leader is none other than the 541 Eatery and Exchange! 541 Eatery and … Continue reading 541 Eatery & Exchange