Carbon-Footprint Challenges

I did not know it would be this hard to find answers on carbon footprinting and how it works for the restaurant industry.  I am currently looking into software for students in the restaurant operations course to use to calculate certain parts of their menu items like the protein, carb, and vegetable. I have received a handful of answers that fall all over the spectrum. I have heard, yes software exists for that exact purpose, to this is way ahead of its time and nothing has been developed. Not to mention I received theses answers so late in the game after emailing what it felt like everyone in the world who knows about carbon footprinting. It is all quite over whelming, and I appreciated every answer I have received but I can see and understand why this has not been done in the restaurant industry and only in few places like Max Hamburgers and Otarian.   Is it too challenging to achieve this for our course? I don’t think it is, so I am going to keep digging and find a way.

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