Squirrels rule the world….at least Guelph

Who knew that composting could be so challenging for PJ’s. We have the equipment, the procedure, the pick up…but the reason we did not succeed was because of the squirrels. If you have ever toured around the University campus you would have noticed the abundance of squirrels running around and being savages, eating whatever and wherever.

When PJ’s and the restaurant course tried to compost last semester everything went well except for the squirrels finding access to the food scraps, scattering them all over making more work and frustration. There has to be a way to keep the little buggers out but with what is the question. Titanium compost bins anyone?

I am looking into “pest screens” and a secure green bin, since the City of Guelph has the Green Bin program, hopefully we can find a solution so we can compost. I would have thought our greatest challenge would be something other than the squirrels!

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