Episode 4: Mike’s World – Creating Value

Inevitably, the recording of this podcast was preceded by lunch, as most good ideas from Bruce and Mike are discussed over a meal. But don’t worry, any concern that conversation topics would have been used up prior to the podcast interview quickly evaporated as we settled into our “recording studio” and turned on the mic.

This podcast features none other than Mike Von Massow, Bruce’s UGSRP collaborator and friend for many years now. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Mike’s work and reputation, impressive doesn’t even begin to cover it (and we’re not just talking about his height). Passionate about food and specifically people’s perceptions of food, Mike is a leading expert in the agri-food industry. After spending several years working in this field, Mike returned to school in 2005 to complete his PhD in Management Science.  Afterwards, he accepted his first teaching position in 2010 with the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph.

In 2016, Mike assumed his current role working for the Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics department where he is in charge of several research projects and  courses. Although Mike has a broad range of interests, his specialities lie in structure and performance of food value chains, economics of food demand, both in restaurants and retail, management science and operations and pricing strategy. Mike remains active in the world beyond academia speaking frequently about food waste, animal welfare and his other research projects that help to inform public policy and private strategy.

For more information on Mike’s work and publications, please click on the following link: https://www.uoguelph.ca/fare/users/mvonmass

Tune in to hear Bruce and Mike discuss topics ranging from food retail outlets, European restaurants and how to create value in novel foodservice models.


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