Sustainable Restaurant Spotlight: Hopscotch

hopscotch logo

On March 6th, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Sider, Vice President of Franchise Development for hopscotch restaurants. If you haven’t visited one of Hopscotch’s bright and beautiful locations in downtown Toronto or London, and are looking for a fast, and entirely guilt free lunch Hopscotch is the place to go. Their cheeky signage, modern décor, pleasant staff, and delicious food are just a few reasons why I am excited to be spotlighting this new franchise. On top of all that their commitment to sustainability, whether it be environmental, social or economical is unparalleled.

Brothers, Wyatt and Aiden Booth launched the health-conscious, chef inspired brand in 2015. Understanding that they were on to something big, and developed a concept that needs to be shared Hopscotch went on to hire Ward McKay as their Chief Operating Officer. Ward McKay spent the last 14 years with Starbucks Coffee Canada, and was successful growing that brand from 200 to over 1000 locations. His diverse skill-set, knowledge and inspiring personality makes him the perfect fit to lead and grow Hopscotch’s franchising efforts.

In case you’ve never heard of Hopscotch, here is a little bit about how they came to be:

“Hopscotch was born out of the desire to get more from our food. We wanted sustainability-sourced ingredients, served fresh in environmentally conscious packaging, in a fun and inviting environment. We wanted a restaurant that fed more than just our mouths, but also gave back to the community it was in. We wanted this for everyone, and when we couldn’t find it, we created it.”

Utilizing creative and talented celebrity chefs, Hopscotch has created appealing and primarily plant based menu items using locally sourced ingredients. The open concept kitchen, and massive produce fridge on display allows guests to see the beautiful, fresh ingredients used to create hopscotch’s top quality menu items. Fresh produce is delivered daily, because at Hopscotch knows food is best when it’s freshest.

In order to fulfil their commitment of sourcing local, Hopscotch stays mindful of the calendar. Offering seasonal dishes allows the menu to stay fresh and exciting and never compromises quality.

Alongside all the delicious feel good food they serve, you can ease your mind knowing that it all comes in environmentally conscious packaging. The packaging used at Hopscotch is either made from recycled fibres, plant or potato starch making it completely compostable, or 100% recyclable. Even the cutlery!

In addition to all that, and something that makes me feel strongly about supporting this brand is their involvement in the communities they operate in. Hopscotch donates their opening day proceeds from each new restaurant to schools in the community. But more importantly, they follow it up with programs to educate children about food and sustainability. Encouraging kids to live healthier, balanced lives with accurate information from a genuine source.

If you aren’t in the London or Toronto area, keep an eye out for Hopscotch’s upcoming locations. New locations will be popping up in Vaughn Mills Outlet Mall and Fort York Blvd come spring 2018, In West Edmonton Mall scheduled for Fall 2018, and 6 additional locations are currently in development throughout Edmonton and Downtown Toronto. This fresh and fast growing brand is certainly one to keep on your radar. To stay connected with Hopscotch’s developments and opportunities please check out their website;


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