“Topics in Sustainability” from 3 great speakers!

Last night, the University of Guelph Sustainable Restaurant Project (UGSRP) held their 2nd Annual UGSRP Forum: “Topics in Sustainability”.  Much like their successful panel discussion last October, this year’s line up of speakers did not disappoint.  For those that were in attendance, they will probably agree the evening was both informative, thought provoking and inspirational. … Continue reading “Topics in Sustainability” from 3 great speakers!

Sustainability and Innovation in Canadian Food Service: Extended Survey Results

In addition to the previous post titled "Sustainability and Innovation Survey: The following document is the complete responses to the Canadian Food Service Industry's "Sustainability and Innovation" survey in comparison with the results from the MIT Sloan Management Review 2010 Sustainability and Innovation Global Executive Study and Research Project results where applicable. Sustainability and Innovation … Continue reading Sustainability and Innovation in Canadian Food Service: Extended Survey Results

The Tipping Point – Is There a Fair Share?

There has been considerable discussion around the ownership of gratuities left in restaurants.  Recently, two high profile media stories reported servers complaining about having to pay the house a share of their tips.  There is also a Private Member’s Bill in Ontario that would forbid restaurants from taking any share of tips from servers. The … Continue reading The Tipping Point – Is There a Fair Share?

What you learn scraping plates

  As part of the University of Guelph sustainable restaurant project (UGSRP), we are looking at plate waste in restaurants.  We have just started and this is definitely going to be much more interesting than I expected.  We will be gathering data in PJ’s, our student learning restaurant, over the next two semesters. While reducing … Continue reading What you learn scraping plates

Bread: A business case for change in foodservice

This report takes an in depth look at bread service in restaurants and banquet facilities from both operator and consumer points of views. The paper hopes to highlight how operators in these facilities can become more environmentally responsible, with as emphasis on food waste management. Read more here: Bread Project