Kids and Food Literacy.

In my view food literacy is a key element of improved health outcomes, reduced waste, and a stronger connection to where food comes from and how it is produced. A deeper understanding of production, processing, the whole value chain, will also likely help foster the conversation on production technologies that is so absent from the … Continue reading Kids and Food Literacy.

What’s the Beef?

The uproar around the Earl’s beef announcement is not surprising but the invective is been disappointing. I thought I’d reflect on what I see (based on our research and my experience) what the real issues are and how we might move forward. Apologies – it’s a bit of a long one. Is “Humane” a red … Continue reading What’s the Beef?

Another food fight

I posted this on my own blog and thought it might be interesting for some of our readers here.I read the announcement from A&W last week with interest.  They announced that they would no longer use beef produced with hormones or antibiotics used for uses other than therapeutic treatment (  I’ve seen some criticism in … Continue reading Another food fight

Define: Sustainable Seafood

The Question Ever sit down at a restaurant and wonder where the fish you have just ordered came from? What type of harvesting methods were used or simply whether or not the species is sustainable and been supplied by a sustainable source? A few months ago, Simon Day, chef and course instructor of Pj's Restaurant … Continue reading Define: Sustainable Seafood