Squirrels rule the world….at least Guelph

Who knew that composting could be so challenging for PJ's. We have the equipment, the procedure, the pick up...but the reason we did not succeed was because of the squirrels. If you have ever toured around the University campus you would have noticed the abundance of squirrels running around and being savages, eating whatever and wherever. … Continue reading Squirrels rule the world….at least Guelph

Passion for the Project

A week ago today Bruce, Simon and I attended a course, put on by The Natural Step, that was shaped to introduce organizations to a framework in moving businesses to a more sustainable model. It was a two-day course which took place in Chinatown in Toronto at the Center for Social Innovation, a multipurpose space for business and leisure … Continue reading Passion for the Project

Bruce McAdams

Bruce McAdams is an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph’s School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management (HFTM) where he teaches undergraduate courses in food-service, strategy and leadership.  Previous to his work as an educator Professor McAdams spent over twenty years in various leadership positions in the Canadian restaurant industry including his most recent … Continue reading Bruce McAdams

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Restaurant Management Course

While the course takes place in a kitchen environment, introducing students to the inner workings of a foodservice operation is only a small part of what the course is about. Emphasis throughout the exercise is placed on teamwork, organization and professionalism. The course objective is to develop and apply management and supervisory skills needed in … Continue reading The Hospitality and Tourism Management Restaurant Management Course

PJ’s in the Atrium

Here are some pictures of PJ’s Restaurant in the Atrium. PJ’s operates as a student-run restaurant, and forms part of the hospitality management degree at Guelph. PJ's is the focus of our restaurant sustainability project. It is located in Macdonald Stewart Hall on the north side of the Campus.