Restaurants and Ontario’s Minimum Wage Increase

I’ve had several people ask about my thoughts relative to the increase in the Ontario minimum wage and restaurants.   Here is my stream of consciousness perspective.  I am sure more will occur to me as I think about it more and have the chance to speak with people in the industry, 1 – It will … Continue reading Restaurants and Ontario’s Minimum Wage Increase

Making Connection and Growing Ideas

On April 12th the Provision Coalition hosted Canada's 2017 Food Loss + Waste Forum.  The day was full of interesting facts and important discussions around food waste.  It was inspiring to see representatives of so many different companies and organizations taking an interest in food waste reduction. A conversation, led by author Johnathan Bloom, with … Continue reading Making Connection and Growing Ideas

Feeding Less and Wasting More: A Student’s View on Food Waste

William Boulter, Emily Robinson, and Lindsay Weatherall are students in their second year at the Universitty of Guelph's School of Hospitality, Food, and Tourism Management This past year, the three of us at Garden2Table developed our personal relationships with food. In the process of learning where our food comes from, we found there was a … Continue reading Feeding Less and Wasting More: A Student’s View on Food Waste

LEAF announces Canada’s Greenest Restaurants

We first heard of Leaders in Accountable Food-service(LEAF) in 2011.  LEAF had started in 2009 when President Janine Windsor recognized a need to help the Canadian food-service industry reduce their environmental footprint. While working in the food-service industry during university and her dietetic internship, Janine was bothered by the amount of waste she saw on … Continue reading LEAF announces Canada’s Greenest Restaurants

Podcast Series: The C-word

As this year’s UGSRP intern, I decided I wanted to explore the social aspect of sustainability, and focused on the industry’s culture and the expectations it has of recent grads and soon-to-be grads. As a fifth year student with experience in the food and beverage industry, I wanted to find out if what my peers … Continue reading Podcast Series: The C-word

World Famous Relae

We at UGSRP are excited to be travelling to Copenhagen later this year to present some of our research at the International Conference on Culinary Arts and Science.  While in the country that is known for its commitment to fighting food waste we plan on visiting the worlds first 'surplus supermarket.'  While we … Continue reading World Famous Relae

6th Annual UGSRP Symposium Recap

On February 7th, the University of Guelph’s Sustainable Restaurant Project welcomed the community to our annual symposium. This year’s theme was Responsible Seafood in Restaurants and reflected on how consumer choices are affecting our oceans. We welcomed industry professionals who have been working towards a common goal of providing consumers with the choice of responsible … Continue reading 6th Annual UGSRP Symposium Recap

Save the Date! 2017 UGSRP Symposium

On Tuesday February 7th UGSRP will be hosting its 6th annual Symposium on Restaurant Sustainability.  This year the theme for the event is "Responsible Seafood, a Restaurant Perspective." We will be holding a presentation followed by a panel discussion at the Ontario Veterinary College Lifetime Living Centre (Room 1714) from 4:30-6:30 pm. This is a free event. … Continue reading Save the Date! 2017 UGSRP Symposium

Are we hiring the wrong servers?

We've all heard the stories about restaurants hiring attractive young servers and forcing them to wear "sexy" clothes. Research suggests that many factors, including the server's appearance, increase the size of the tip paid at the end of the meal. That makes the server happy but is it good for the restaurant? A new paper … Continue reading Are we hiring the wrong servers?