LEAF Announces new Awards for Canada’s Foodservice Industry

Last month, LEAF Canada announced the first annual LEAF Awards, to be presented at the 2018 Restaurants Canada Show February 25-27th in Toronto.  This is an exciting opportunity for Canadian restaurateurs to be recognized for their commitment to the environment, the progress they've made, and the hard work they put into making their businesses as sustainable … Continue reading LEAF Announces new Awards for Canada’s Foodservice Industry

Episode 2: Court Desautels

The Main Course: Court Desautels Impressive is a word that could be used to describe both Court himself, and many of the main course dishes offered at his restaurants.  We would argue that he deserves even higher praise than the popular “Venison and Nettle Gouda Burger” found at Miijidaa Café and Bistro, one of four … Continue reading Episode 2: Court Desautels

An Outsiders Perspective on the Restaurant “stage”

  I have great admiration for chefs. I love great food and that by itself should be enough. I also often wonder why they do it. The hours are long and usually evenings and weekends. The conditions are hot and they work on their feet for hours. Its hard work. And until they progress quite … Continue reading An Outsiders Perspective on the Restaurant “stage”

Kids and Food Literacy.

In my view food literacy is a key element of improved health outcomes, reduced waste, and a stronger connection to where food comes from and how it is produced. A deeper understanding of production, processing, the whole value chain, will also likely help foster the conversation on production technologies that is so absent from the … Continue reading Kids and Food Literacy.

One House at Restaurant Relae!

A few months ago I put up a post about a Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen called Restaurant Relae.  I had read they were considered one of the world’s most environmentally friendly restaurants and was impressed with the Sustainability Report they had produced.  Fast forward to today and I’m in Copenhagen attending the International Conference … Continue reading One House at Restaurant Relae!

Restaurants and Ontario’s Minimum Wage Increase

I’ve had several people ask about my thoughts relative to the increase in the Ontario minimum wage and restaurants.   Here is my stream of consciousness perspective.  I am sure more will occur to me as I think about it more and have the chance to speak with people in the industry, 1 – It will … Continue reading Restaurants and Ontario’s Minimum Wage Increase

Making Connection and Growing Ideas

On April 12th the Provision Coalition hosted Canada's 2017 Food Loss + Waste Forum.  The day was full of interesting facts and important discussions around food waste.  It was inspiring to see representatives of so many different companies and organizations taking an interest in food waste reduction. A conversation, led by author Johnathan Bloom, with … Continue reading Making Connection and Growing Ideas

Feeding Less and Wasting More: A Student’s View on Food Waste

William Boulter, Emily Robinson, and Lindsay Weatherall are students in their second year at the Universitty of Guelph's School of Hospitality, Food, and Tourism Management This past year, the three of us at Garden2Table developed our personal relationships with food. In the process of learning where our food comes from, we found there was a … Continue reading Feeding Less and Wasting More: A Student’s View on Food Waste